Recovery Solutions is an Approved DUI Counseling Provider under the West Central Florida Driver Improvement program that covers Lake County, Florida.

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RecoverySolutionsOCFL.com Recovery Solutions Gavel Background 4000x2276Recovery Solutions is an Approved DUI Counseling Provider under the West Central Florida Driver Improvement program that covers Lake County, Florida. We offer Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, and Coordination of Care, referral to psychiatric services, medication management, Random Urinalysis screening, and Case Management Services.

Driving with a BAC of .08 is too dangerous to allow. This is why laws everywhere are written with .08 or lower as the point of legal intoxication. At a .08, you experience sedation, slow reaction time, and poor coordination.  It’s obvious why driving with a .08 is illegal. At lower levels, sedation and slow reaction time are still factors.  It’s obvious why driving with lower BAC levels is still dangerous.

Driving under the Influence of Alcohol and other Drugs comes with serious consequences. Legal involvement and charges on your record, probation, court dates, legal fees, loss of license, mandated interlock devices, jail time, loss of employment at times and possible injury or loss of life. Any one of these are serious consequences and can lead to high levels of stress.

At Recovery Solutions we assist our participants in navigating their way through these obstacles in a small group environment. We offer multiple services depending on the individual’s needs.

Individual Sessions consist of our initial assessment to determine the amount of sessions required, the services necessary to successfully complete the program. Follow up individual sessions can be recommended or scheduled to discuss personal issues outside of the group setting.

Group Sessions are typically smaller groups that are client centered and offer support to the individuals who participate in our group setting. The groups are educational and therapeutic process groups. We assist participants with information that may have been presented in DUI school however the emphasis is on Counseling and developing skills to cope other than the use of Alcohol and/or other drugs.

Stress Management

Family Dynamics

Triggers of Use 

Healthy Boundaries

Anger Management

Problem Solving Skills

Effects of SUD on Society/Family

Communication Skills

Relationship Issues

Co-Occurring Disorders

Solutions for Healthy Lifestyle

Assertiveness Training

Coordination Of Care means that we will be your advocate when communicating your progress to WCFDI program, probation officers, psychiatric services or other community resources. We are also a referral source for you to coordinate care for psychiatric services, medication needs and management and we provide onsite random urinalysis testing and reporting to the involved agencies.

Benefits to attending DUI counseling at Recovery Solutions include:

We offer a small, intimate group setting. You get to know your therapist and they get to know you. We provide coordination of care to all agencies involved in your case to assist with effective communication throughout the agencies to reduce the participants stress levels. Our services are solution focused and offer therapeutic counseling which prepares individuals with dealing with their DUI concerns as well as developing effective coping in all areas of life.

Process Of Admission:

Participants can enter counseling services at any stage. They can recognize there is an alcohol or other drug/substance related issue and seek treatment services, they can be required by the court, they can be referred by their lawyer to seek treatment services, or they can be ordered for follow up care after their evaluation at the West Central Florida Driver Improvement evaluation and school.

Either way you enter treatment services, either on your own, referred, or court ordered, Recovery Solutions is here to assist you navigate your way through and out of the system.

Let Us be your SOLUTION.

Manage Your DUI With Court Approved

Personal Counseling

Don’t let a mistake destroy your life. Take the necessary steps to set things right with guidance and counseling from Recovery Solutions of Central Florida. We submit detailed documents to help you get your license reinstated, host court-mandated DUI counseling sessions, and provide confidential assistance to those navigating the court systems after a DUI.

We provide you with the necessary tools and correct knowledge you need to take back your life. Recovery Solutions hosts a number of individual & group meetings throughout the week with topics ranging from drug treatment to anger management.

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At Recovery Solutions Counseling, our staff walks you through the DUI process so you know what to expect. Those charged with a DUI must undergo a complete evaluation, as well as adhere to referred treatment or education based on the results.

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In addition to DUI Counseling Recovery Solutions provides treatments and counseling for substance abuse, PTSD, and mental health disorders. We are eager to help you recover your life. Contacting us is taking the right step towards your new start.


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